OLA Spring League

OLA Spring League

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Join us for the inaugural OLA League this Spring from March until May!

Each month, league players will be randomly assigned three other players within their division. By the month's end, those four players will need to play three one-set matches, each match rotating your partner within the monthly foursome. So you'll play a match with each person in your foursome as your partner! 

Matches can take place whenever and wherever most convenient for your foursome, with designated league play courts available during all OLA Open Play on a first-come first-served basis.

Points will be awarded for each league match won. At the end of May, the top players by total points in each division will play a tournament to decide the champion of each division!

Note: the divisions are built by experience level and the divisions are mixed between men and women. League points and rankings are kept as an individual, not as a team.

League benefits:

  • Free open play during league period
  • Discounted classes during league period (50% off)
  • League championship tournament entry in May
  • New OLA rackets for league winners

Spots are limited so join now! Don't know which division to sign up for? We can help! Advanced players are generally experienced beach tennis players or very experienced tennis or racket sport players. DM or email with any further questions.

See you on the sand!