OLA Summer League Sign Up

OLA Summer League Sign Up

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We can feel the buzz of LA Summer and we're back with the new and improved OLA Summer League! The league's regular season will run from July 1st to September 30th and culminate with the League Playoffs on October 6th for players that qualify from each level! 🏆

We've broken up the league into three levels (beginner, intermediate/advanced, open/pro) and there are multiple ways to coordinate matches:

Option 1: Facilitated Matchmaking 🗒️
For players that prefer to schedule in advance, each month, players are assigned to a new group chat of 8-10 people in their level. Group chats will be organized by the player's Tuesday or Sunday preference to streamline the coordination of matches.

Option 2: Organic Matchmaking 🌱
Additionally, for the more spontaneous types, you can find players in your level organically for league matches even if they're not in your monthly group chat. At OLA Open Play, each player in the Summer League will have a wristband by level for easy identification of potential matches.
If you have four players from the same level in a match, that match can count towards league scoring even if all players aren't in the same group chat that month.

League Rules & Scoring 🔢
Beginner & Intermediate/Advanced players cannot repeat partners throughout the duration of the league. You will use our new OLA scoring software to input results and our website will host a live leaderboard so you always know where you stand!
The leaderboard will be ranked by total games won to incentivize more matches and competition. The tiebreaker will be sorted by the number of match victories and the maximum games you can win in a single match is 6. All players are encouraged to try to play as much as possible to climb the leaderboard! 📈

As a reminder, matches can take place whenever and wherever, with designated Summer League courts available to book during all OLA Open Play events on a first-come first-served basis.

At the end of September, the player with the most total games won in each level will be crowned victorious. We will also use this ranking to seed the Summer League Playoffs on October 6th and the top 50% of players in each level will qualify for the Playoffs!

Levels are built by experience level and the levels are mixed between men and women. League points and rankings are kept as an individual, not as a team.

Summer League Benefits (July to September) ☀️
  • 3 months of free Open Play and wristband to skip check-in
  • 20% off OLA group classes, rackets, & merchandise
  • New OLA Animale rackets for individual league winners
  • Access to Summer Socials on and off the sand
  • Structured opportunity to connect with new players and compete!