Beach Tennis FAQs

Find the most frequently asked questions about how to play beach tennis.

Beach Tennis is 2 players versus 2 players, with opposing teams standing on opposite sides of the net. The game is played by hitting the ball over the net and inside the opponents' boundary line. One hit is allowed per side (no passes). When the ball hits the sand, the point is over. Any shot that lands on the boundary line (even just a little bit) is considered in.

Beach Tennis scoring is based on games (like tennis). Each game is won by the first team to score 4 points (there is no "advantage" like tennis). Serving rotates from team to team each game so that in a standard 2 versus 2 game, each individual player serves every fourth game. Games are played in sets, where the first team to win 6 games wins the set.

Serve from anywhere behind their own baseline. Serves can be underhand or overhand to either opposing player. Any shot that hits the net and still goes "in" counts!