Equipment FAQs

Find the most frequently asked questions about OLA's paddles and balls.

Our 12k Carbon frame paddles are designed in Venice, California and currently imported from a sports factory in Asia.

Our ball manufacturer consistently produces ITF-approved beach tennis balls for many leading brands. This “ITF approval” costs a significant additional fee that we didn't feel was necessary just to put this logo on our balls.

While we are primarily focused on selling directly to consumers, we do offer a limited number of strategic wholesale partnerships. If you are interested in learning more, please reach out at

Product details:

Weight: 345g Face: Fiberglass

Frame: 12k Carbon

Height: 50cm

Profile: 22mm

Balance: 26cm

Foam: Mid Soft EVA

Finish: Glossy with Medium Grit on Face

OLA's first edition beach tennis paddle was inspired by the vibrant energy of Rio de Janeiro which is where OLA's founders first found the game.